Experience in the use of ProstEro

Experience in the use of ProstEro submitted by Max from the city of sofia (bulgaria).

ProstEro - Helps the

Took the drug strictly according to the directions - 2 times a day, half an hour before eating. The flavor of the tolerant-to-swallow. Improve appeared almost immediately, since I am the next day realized that the pain during the path in the wc has diminished. The progress in the first week was crazy - it was the pain when urinating, has happened to pulling pain in the groin. The box I murdered 10 days, the order more than 3. The treatment course of a month, but I'm going to end up with 2 months in the mountains of the capsule to trust. The pain no longer exists, to the bathroom walking like a normal person - several times a day, at night I do not want to. This capsule helped me better than all of the medications you were taking before.

Experience in the use of ProstEro posted by enrique of the city of paris (france).

Have passed symptoms of prostatitis after the receipt of the ProstEro

Started taking capsules ProstEro as recommended, three times a day, 30 min before the meal. In the first 3 days I did not feel any effect. Probably, this is due to my case in particular launched. Pain when urinating become almost permanent of my peers. Could be because of the night, five times to get up to the bathroom, it is quite tedious. Sometimes got a burning sensation, but are rare. The first notable improvement came after 10 days of taking the medication. Far more has gone in increase, better and better. He took the medication as expected, thirty days. It is now well in the past of all the symptoms, even as something strange. Normally I go to the bathroom often. And has become established personal life, so thank you very much.

Experience in the use of ProstEro submitted by tony from the city of minsk (belarus).

ProstEro - Help, it is important not to improvise and make instructions

The drops I have done very well - a neutral taste, and in general to liquid form of medications, I have more confidence. For all the capsules have been referred with more prudence. At first, I, of course, accept, but then decided to give them - were the concern for the health of the stomach, although in the instructions, and it is written, that the supplement harmless. The progress became in move forward slowly - if, during the first week integrated reception I got rid of the severe pain when urinating for 2 weeks virtually nothing has happened, what trips to the steel cup more rare. In general, the acceptance of the capsules had to go back. The case back has been ruined. After 20 days of the receipt noticed that by the night no longer wake up, only if 1-2 times a week, but this seems to me the norm.

The battery in the month I have not sufficed. Had to take another container. The medicine has participated 45 days, until all symptoms of the disease were not withdrawn. In general, everything had to go through a month, but it has apparently affected my whim of the week of the resignation of the capsules, so drinking in a comprehensive manner, as recommended by the manufacturer, and the initiative here would not serve for anything, only the recovery postponing. Have passed 3 months of healthy life. No doubt, at the expense of what the disease has abandoned me, so I want to repeat the treatment in the next month.

Experience in the use of ProstEro sent by Peter from the city of berlin (germany).

Curing prostatitis per month!!!!!

In recent years, the prostatitis I tortured, he went on to a chronic form. By your own stupidity first launched everything, and now I'm suffering, began to suffer from a sexual life. And to me that means that a total of 40, rather early in the intimate peace leave. I would say that the capsule attracted me with their name that speaks for itself. The idea should, and prostatitis to pass, and the power will recover. My experience has shown that the name matches the reality. Natural remedy is not a simple, removes the symptoms, and correcting the cause of the disease, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and analgesic effect. The more severe attacks of pain, coming out of an hour after the start of reception appeared less and less frequent, and in a month have been lost at all. In the bathroom I'm good, I don't have more difficulties, frequent urge, there is also. Finally, it has lost the opposite of the feeling of not having completely emptied the bladder, as if innuendo whatsoever. In a cardboard box 20 capsules, in a month I took 4 of packaging. Each I tried to take as can a large amount of water, in order to maximize disperse the metabolism and increase the digestibility of the useful components. I can see that for a month I recovered. Is the same confirm the analysis.

Experience in the use of ProstEro submitted by Markus from the city of zurich (switzerland).

Drowned capsules ProstErobut the effects of the penalty

The medication ProstEro integral. I brought packing color white, on the inside of the pack with capsules. Forced himself through the power of them, as the taste was very unpleasant. I find it easier than swallowing a couple tasteless capsules, drown in bitterness, but this course includes the consumption of the drug in their two types, so I've resigned. I will not say that it is just a super effect, but the dynamic that has manifested itself almost immediately. On the first day of the reception of pain romo, I was more easy, however, a notable positive effect in the middle of 2 weeks, that is to say, the day 10. I felt the tension in the lumbar area, the pain will not give up in the groin, and the colic between the legs have disappeared, decreased burning sensation. I have already gone to the amendment, decided to take the risk and make love with his wife. To my surprise the pain was not so, and the erection, although it returns (it affected my emotion), but fought until the end of the fence.

Analysis, me we also announced: inflammation slept, the size of the prostate began to decrease. After recovery she made the decision to repeat the course of treatment on a regular basis.

Experience in the use of ProstEro sent by Urs to the city of geneva (switzerland).

ProstEro of prostatitis help!

Already in the 26 I've found with life problems in the form of frequent trips to the bathroom, accompanied by a pain in the groin. At the beginning, there was sin in the green tea, which I often pampers, foreclosed on, has not helped. Began to abstain from excess of water, but the problems did not disappear. Only in the doctor, I learned that it has acquired almost run of the form of prostatitis. He was in a state of shock, but to do something necessary.

I ordered the medication ProstEro in the form of capsules. He has participated 2 times before eating, often before breakfast and dinner. The effect was felt after 2 weeks, and then, the number of gears has not decreased, but the residents have become much weaker. In the 4th week of the capsule ended up, so we had to ask for another bottle. Only at the end of the second month I felt a complete relief. The drops of bitter for your taste, its price is quite high, and the result arrived much later than I promised, however, prostatitis is cured, I sleep now, quiet and comfortable, usually in capsules ProstEro was satisfied.